Advertisement: how to sell a car?
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Advertisement: how to sell a car?


It is said that both buying and selling a car are the two happiest events in a driver's life. To have a successful deal, in both cases attention must be paid to certain points that coincide; however, the role of a seller undoubtedly is more responsible - the car must be properly prepared, as well as a fair price must be set. At the moment, the advertisement is highly appreciated in the car market as this classified portal offers a wider range of functions and significant support for both sellers and buyers. Unlike other online classifieds sites, Dalder gives an opportunity to leave reviews and learn more about each individual dealer. More on how to sell a car successfully and use the innovative portal as a tool of help, we will tell you in this article.

1 - Prepare the car!

The chances to sell the car successfully and set a higher price, first of all, are increased by proper car maintenance and preparation. That includes thorough washing and cleaning of the car body - so that there were no dirt or muddy stains. The car interior must also be taken care of - the carpets and seats should be vacuumed, the compartments and panels cleaned and the car freed from all private belongings. If the seats are made out of fabric and cannot be cleaned, it is best to turn to the dry cleaner for help - afterwards they will seem fresh and new.

To improve the aroma of the car, it may be ventilated by keeping the doors open for various hours, as well as air fresheners designed for car interior may be purchased. It should be remembered that the buyer will most probably also be willing to take a look underneath the hood to check the motor; therefore, the seller should make sure that the engine is clean. The oil should also be refilled if its level has fallen under the minimal mark, and the coolant and windscreen washer tank may also have to be filled up.

Car preparation includes also replacing obsolete parts, such as car mats and window wipers. If any of the lights have burnt out, new bulbs must be screwed in, including the ones in the car interior. In general, these little improvements will not demand an enormous investment; however, the car will look nice and taken care of. Maybe after such improvements you may even forget that you wanted to sell it!

2 - Create a good advertisement!

Visual impression also plays a significant role when it comes to selling a car, the same as it does when meeting someone for the very 1st time. When publishing an ad on Dalder, 4 photos can be added free of charge, but the cost for adding 1 more photo is 20 cents.

However, 4 photos is enough to show the car from various angles and add at least 1 picture showing the car interior. One should make sure that the photos have a good quality, and it is not recommended to take a photo against the sunlight. Professional photographers point out that the best time for taking pictures is shortly before sunset.

When creating a description of the ad, it is important to be honest without making its condition appear better than it is in reality. If there is some defect or a scratch, it is better not to try to artificially hide it, but simply show it to the customer in an honest manner. Also, if the car has some extras, they should be mentioned in the ad text as that increases the value of the car in the eyes of the buyer.

To make the ad appear professional, the portal has already done a great deal of work by creating an individual seller's website. It serves as a buyers and seller's profile at the same time and ensures an opportunity to reach the seller through Dalder online chat platform. The creation of the website is done automatically when a user registers on for the first time.

This website is similar to a social networks profile, in which a name, surname or name of the company is indicated, there is also a place for background and profile picture. There are also separate website sections: advertisements, contacts and reviews. Because of these sections, the buyer can find all the ads of the user together, as well as read reviews about the previous deals. When registering as self-employed or as a company, “About us” section is added to the website, in which one can tell more about the services offered.

3 - Offer car diagnostic service!

This test should be performed by any buyer before purchasing a car. However, if a seller offers it first, not only will it be a nice gesture, but also will help to gain more trust. Unfortunately, the mandatory technical inspection is not enough to make sure of the condition of the vehicle.

Car diagnostics helps to identify existing damage or point out the weak points of the car. That, in turn, helps to conclude after how long time and for which parts a service will be needed and what will be the overall costs. Not always the owner of the car is aware of the condition of the car himself and therefore the value of the car is either over or underestimated. The buyer should have a right to take a car to this type of testing before the conclusion of the deal, and an honest seller has no arguments to refuse that. Car diagnostics is usually at the expense of the buyer as that is considered to be his investment in a safe purchase. Because of car diagnostics, the seller is also able to set a fair price.

Sell with elegance

In order for a buyer to have a pleasant and positive experience, not only is the final result of selling the car what is important, but also paying attention to different nuances, which communicate care and help forming trust. If the seller gives a detailed description of the car, revealing both the small defects and its special characteristics, the buyer will know that selling a car is not just a simple attempt to finally get rid of it. Even though at this age everyone seems to want everything to be done faster and in greater amounts, it is often forgotten about the quality. However, if a buyer receives it, in most cases also a positive decision will follow. On the contrary, if the process of selling is fast, short and too casual, even the most beautiful car won't be able to counterbalance the rude and careless attitude of the seller - it will create doubt, dislike and mistrust.

The first business card is the published classified. Preces Facebook Group has already 86,8 thousand members. The ad can be poster there and also on the portal itself, thus reaching a wider audience. Besides, offers an automatic translation in 3 languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

Mediocrity is separated from excellence just by a very small gorge. And it can be easily filled by paying a bit more attention to details. If we sold the car to the client with the same honesty and accuracy that we'd like to receive ourselves when buying a car, it would surely not turn out disappointing! And also positive feedback would be expected to follow!

We recommend all car sellers and buyers to take a look at! And one more great point about this site is that the classifieds can be published there free of charge!
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