Why is Presto driving school in Riga the best place to get a licence?
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Why is Presto driving school in Riga the best place to get a licence?


Getting a driver's licence is a long-awaited event for many when reaching the age of 18. Others discover the joy of driving somewhat later - in their 20-ies, 40-ies or sometimes only when they have finally retired. Irma Kluša, one of the best known trainees of Presto driving school in Riga, at the respectable age of 79 fulfilled her dream of a driver's licence. Her example has inspired many trainees of the driving school - if Irma could, why not younger trainees? She proved that old age is not a limit to learn to drive a car even without any prior experience. And to those stuck at training in driving school for a longer period of time than expected, the story of Irma encourages not to give up and believe in themselves.

To those that are only yet planning to get a licence, Presto driving school in Riga provides an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the training process even before starting the training. On driving school Youtube channel, there are video stories both of Irma Kluša's road towards the driver's licence as well as stories of the experience of such known persons as influencer Evelina Parkere and Daiga Ellaby. Very exciting video series are made out of “Singapūras satīns” accepted challenge - on driving school Youtube channel, everyone can learn how guys of the famous band were doing and who managed to get a licence within 90 days.

Contemporary and cool driving school

Presto driving school in Riga is one that stands out on social media and Youtube among all other driving schools in Riga. Its latest project, short movie in 3 series “Niklāvs laikā”, in collaboration with the attractive Latvian influencer Niklāvs Mičulis, depicts the process of getting a licence in a witty and amusing way.

Many trainees often go through the very same experience that the main character of the story - sometimes too much carelessness while learning, seriously considering giving up and finally, getting oneself together and reaching the goal. During the training process, usually different feelings overwhelm the students. But if everything in a driving school was easy, it would be a utopia. If there were more such motivating projects that not only lift up the mood but also motivate to overcome difficult moments at driving school, surely there would be less trainees dropping out without getting a licence!

Driving school in Riga Presto gives something more to its trainees than just the basic kit for getting a licence. It provides its trainees with thematic entertainment - for example, the already mentioned video projects about the process of getting a licence, which can help in a psychologically more difficult moments when something is not going so smoothly with the training. The driving school also offers a support platform to strengthen knowledge in theory and increase the chances of passing the RTSD exam on the first attempt - it is possible to do driving school theory exam and RTSD exam online on the website. After completing the driving school test, not only does one see the correct answers but also excerpts from the traffic rules that help to better understand each specific question.

Trainees can also motivate each other by taking part in the competition organised by the driving school. By completing the RTSD exam test, the best can receive a prize of 20, 30 or 50 EUR that can be used for driving lessons. The winners of the prizes are announced on driving school's social media. Currently, only B category trainees can take part in the competition; however, it is planned to include in this training also A category trainees.

The driving school uses what modern technology can offer - not only aspiring drivers benefit from the information given on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, but the driving school has also invested in the development of its website. It means that this driving school in Riga offers a better way of booking lessons, reviewing training schedules and other bonuses that help to save both time and money.

TOP driving school in Riga?

No less important is to take a look at RTSD exam statistics indicators when considering a certain driving school in Riga. 95.51% of Presto trainees have passed the theory exam on their 1st attempt in the period from 01.07.2021 to 31.12.2021. But when it comes to driving exams during this very period, 35.45% of Presto trainees have passed this exam in B category on their first attempt. Among the biggest driving schools, these are one of the best indicators.

When choosing a driving school in Riga for getting a licence, it is important to make sure of the RTSD statistics previously. Besides, factors such as how many trainees have passed the exam, should also be taken into consideration. The greater the number of trainees, the more reliable the statistics.

Most transparent driving school in Riga?

Not only Presto driving school has laid out guidelines for a more successful training process (read the article “Licence within 30 days” but it also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the agreement before signing it. This is one of the few driving schools in Riga that has published its agreement for free access on its website. This approach clearly demonstrates that the driving school has some principles of honesty, and the agreement does not include any points that are aimed at limiting the possibilities of the trainee.

The agreement includes such significant details as payment and training procedures; therefore, one should always read it carefully. Very often driving schools in Riga do not provide enough time to get acquainted with the agreement but the agreement of Presto can be studied as long as necessary, even for several months and even manage to show it to a lawyer.

To all the important questions related to training one can find answers also on driving school's Youtube channel by viewing the video called “How Presto driving school works” (available only in Latvian). The charming Latvian actor Andris Bulis plays the role of a news presenter of Presto driving school, and he covers such important topics as agreements, agreement terms, payments, termination of agreements, complaint handling, theory, first aid training, driving lessons and RTSD exam.

By starting the training at Presto driving school in Riga, it is a good video to start with (for those that do not understand Latvian, it is best to simply review the agreement online). This video also represents the driving school's approach to training - no boring and sleepy theory lectures await the future trainees, but the learning process is as fun as watching the Presto TV broadcast.

Joy, where do you come from?

If a research was done on how happy the trainees are, Presto driving school in Riga would definitely live up to the expectations. It is due to elastic conditions of the agreement that make sure of providing the trainees with the best possible conditions for gaining the licence faster and cheaper.

The driving school is elastic when it comes to location, time and choice of an instructor. The trainees can book a lesson also on holidays and weekends which means that it is possible to drive every day. Because of that, already within 10 days it is possible to take the minimum amount of 10 driving lessons required by law.

The training is not limited also by such factors as leaving Riga because one can book a lesson also in other towns and cities of Latvia where Presto instructors are working. A significant advantage is that Presto is the biggest driving school inRiga and Latvia which means that it has the widest network of branches.

Also the chance to freely change instructors plays a significant role. Being limited to 1 instructor includes such risks as longer and more expensive training. Besides, there are driving schools in Riga that require submitting a complaint in order to evaluate the possibility of changing the instructor. In case one does not manage to get along with a certain instructor and the driving skills do not seem to be improving, Presto simply gives a chance to find a more suitable instructor whose manner of teaching helps to develop the skills more successfully. In Presto it is allowed to change instructors even every single day, and because of that one does not have to miss a class if a certain instructor is not available at a specific time. And Presto students do not have to give explanations to anyone as to why they change instructors!

These factors pave the road for a successful finish at RTSD. Presto trainee is not only better prepared technically but also psychologically. On the day of the exam, a computer may assign one of 3 different car models: Golf, BMW or Audi. Presto driving school in Riga allows one to gain understanding of the technical differences when parking the cars in maneuverability area which is crucial to pass the exam. The change of instructors helps to get prepared psychologically for the day of the exam when driving skills must be demonstrated to another instructor as well. To Presto students, this kind of situation is nothing unusual.

The agreement can be signed online on the driving school website presto.lv!

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